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16oz. PINTS ON TAP  8

Independence Pale Ale
IPA’s are popular for their zesty hop spice and elegant malt character. Ours does not disappoint. With a deep golden color, full malt flavor, and assertive bittering hops, this unique ale will satisfy any palate.

Golden State Lager
Crisp and smooth, our golden lager is crafted from Midwestern malts and flaked sweet corn. This is our most refreshing beer, with a mellow maltiness and a light, clean finish.

Red, White & Blonde
Pale golden with a crisp, dry finish, this traditional Czech lager will quench your thirst and invigorate your senses.

Morgan’s Red Ale
Caramel and Munich malts give our flavorful red ale a rich toffee and roasted nut character. We top off this beer with a healthy addition of American hops for a perfect balance.

Oatmeal Stout
This hearty, creamy stout has hints of espresso and chocolate sweetness.


Seasonal Beer  8
Ask your server for details

Angry Orchard Cider 8

Coors Light 7


Budweiser 6.50

Bud Light 6.50

Miller High Life 6.50

Pabst Blue Ribbon 6
16oz. can

Rolling Rock 6

Good Grain Gluten-Free Beer 7.50
by Heartland Brewery

Beck’s Non Alcoholic 7

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