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Guy Talk: Q&A with Guy Fieri

Food Network star Guy Fieri is a big fan of diners, drive-ins and dives. But this sports lover also has a passion for National Football League action and a zeal for Super Bowl party finger foods. The restaurateur has hosted many Super Bowl fetes at his home, but in recent years has watched the Big Game live. Even though he

What’s It Like to Work at a Guy Fieri Restaurant? One Editor Finds Out

One Maxim editor spends a day working at Guy Fieri’s notoriously panned Times Square eatery and chronicles his adventures in Flavortown. Turns out, it’s no easy gig: ‘If everyone knew what it’s like to work in a restaurant,’ he [Fieri] tells me, ‘they wouldn’t be such asses about what goes on out front.’ After two minutes in the hot-as-the-devil’s-grundle sauté station, I understand exactly

Where to Watch the Super Bowl in New York City

As you ready for some football? The Super Bowl (or, the Beyonce Bowl to some) is this Sunday, February 3. If you’re looking camp out in a New York City bar or restaurant and watch the Ravens battle the 49ers, there are plenty of unique options to choose from. Hit up these venues to score a pitcher of beer and a plate of nachos,

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