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Guy Fieri’s Restaurant: ‘Ironic Dining’ Mecca

When I read the New York Times’ hilariously smart-mouthed review of Guy Fieri’s new Times Square restaurant, Guy’s American Kitchen and Bar, I couldn’t believe that a culinary experience could be so spectacularly frightful. Was the food really as “limp” and “oil-sogged” as the critic Pete Wells claimed? Did the drinks really taste like “a combination of radiator fluid and formaldehyde”? Did Fieri’s spiky,

New spots for fall

Spiky-haired Food Network star Guy Fieri makes his New York debut with this tri-level Times Square space that reflects the chef’s boyish tastes. The menu features dishes like penne with chipotle sausage and shrimp and a beer-and-honey-glazed porchetta, while the walls of the top floor are covered in huge images of Fieri’s favorite cars. Beneath a 12-foot-wide chandelier made from

All Fieri’d Up

It’s early Wednesday afternoon, days before its scheduled opening, and Guy’s American Kitchen and Bar is three floors of hustle and hubbub. A swarm of worker bees buzzes throughout the sprawling space, setting tables, installing light fixtures, vacuuming floors and holding spot meetings to confer about logistics. “Welcome 2 Flavor Town,” announces a sign up front, above a wall stocked

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