If, as an aspiring Broadway starlet who perhaps waits tables in a Times Square restaurant while hoping patiently for your big break, this news makes you cringe, want to set your hair on fire, or otherwise find all the scotch in all the land and drink it in one sitting, then congratulations, because now you know how chefs feel.

Yes, friends, it’s true. Guy Fieri made his Broadway debut recently in a one-night-only cameo as “Guy the Bourbon Room Chef,” complete with name-studded creepy leather bondage vest, in Rock of Ages.

Okay, so a lot of stars aligned to make this happen. The Helen Hayes Theater, which hosts the show, is on the same block as Guy’s American Kitchen and Bar, and the classic rock show and Guy’s resto (slash personality) share a similar motif. The cast warmly welcomed Fieri to the block by attending the restaurant opening as a group. (We happen to know what Broadway actors make for a living, and we have to assume that they aren’t stopping by Guy’s American for post-show drinks on the regular.)

Check out the video footage below for a sneak peek at Guy’s costume fitting, his rehearsal, and a few snippets of his time on stage in Rock of Ages. If we could apologize to the Broadway community as a whole on behalf of the culinary community, we would.